Enrike’s coffee was born on the gorgeous little island of Mallorca and more particularly in the buzzling town of Palma. With a lifelong passion for food, wine and coffee the taste of Enrike’s has evolved into the perfect ending to a gorgeous meal as well as an exquisite morning or midday treat.

Enrike, as portrayed in our logo, represents the bon vivant lifestyle. The cool, stress free man in the picture lives a luxurious and luscious life on a breathtaking island in the Mediterranean. Our coffee is a tribute to that man and that lifestyle, as well as a reminder that hard work, love, passion and honesty can take you anywhere you want to go.

Where Enrike is today? No one really knows, but he’s quickly becoming an urban legend as stories about him spread across the mediterranean islands.

Born from passion

  • High quality italian style coffee
  • Available only in carefully selected outlets
  • Our logo is a stamp of approval for quality coffee
  • Impeccable service
  • Long lasting relationships with suppliers, distributors and clients


  • Roasted beans – Carefully selected beans, roasted to perfection
  • Coffee Pods – for the same great result anytime by anyone
  • Coffee Capules – Fits in your home coffee machine